The City of Shafter is probably one of the most active areas of California for both business and residential development. Currently, we have over 12,000 homes planned with national companies and many smaller builders. Additionally, the City’s general plan has made it a priority to have good connectivity between jobs and homes. Thus, Shafter has two of the larger industrial areas in California; the International Trade and Transportation Center (ITTC) and the Shafter Airport Industrial Center.

Shafter finds itself within 300 miles of 14% of the entire U.S. population and within 89 miles of the Los Angeles basin. As a result Shafter is becoming a major manufacturing and distribution center (D.C.) of the west.

Some of the Companies currently in Shafter include:
• Target Distribution (2M sq. ft.)
• Formica
• Elk Corporation
• GMC Roofing
• GAF Building Materials
• Performance Foods D.C.
• Global Manufacturing
• Grimmway Farms
• Cemex Corp
• The Scott’s Company
• Insect Lore Products
• Paramount Farming
• Williams-Sonoma, Inc

Connecting to the World

The City has recently installed $5M of rail infrastructure in the first phase of what will be the premier transload facility in the southern San Joaquin Valley and will serve a wide spectrum of clients both locally and around the world.


The City has done a tremendous job of installing infrastructure and entitling land such that major projects can and will be permitted to be built without delays. With a recent annexation of over 5000 acres that places the Shafter City limits adjacent to the City of Bakersfield; the City is growing rapidly and committed to keeping its eye towards the future.

The City is investing in a municipal fiber optic communications network and is the home of a new 190 foot tall homeland security communications tower. These projects will ensure the Shafter community has great connectivity.

There is no other location within California where the convergence of so many opportunities has taken place thus allowing for tremendous opportunity. The hard work and diligence of the past has laid the ground for a very bright and prosperous future. Be a part of the excitement.