At JD Rush Company, we provide products and services to the energy industry to more than 60% of the market here in California.  Our specialty is in tubulars (both tubing & casing) however, we also provide many other down hole products and services as well (screen liners, adapters, cross overs, etc…).  We pride ourselves on being able to provide all the products & services needed for our customers at one centralized location.  Our facility sits on more the 90 acres and we have an abundance of stock from steel mills from all across the globe.  Our customers can reach us at any time both day and night (24/7) for their needs to be filled.

Here at JD Rush Company, we believe in community outreach and community partnership.  We are a strong contributor to many charities and believe that good leaders lead by example.  We have been a strong sponsor for Links for Life for many years now.  There are numerous other charities and outreach programs that we are affiliated with (Bakersfield Heart Association, Shafter Chamber of Commerce, Cerritos Optimist Club, and many more). Last year represented our 80th year in business.  We have been successful do to the vision from our Executive Management.  They have never faltered in their ability to establish and meet goals, successfully re-invest within the company and extend an impeccable standard of business ethics.  Our company was-and will remain-built on honesty, trust, and a deep-seated commitment to our valued customers.  In 2013, we were awarded the prestigious Industry Supplier of the Year (West Coast) by the Oil & Gas Awards.